Open Government in Argentina

image of Open Government in Argentina

Argentina is undertaking an ambitious reform to move beyond open government to become an “open state”. This review assesses Argentina’s progress with implementing the 10 provisions of the 2017 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. Based on extensive data gathered from all branches and levels of government, as well as civil society, this review assesses the progress made to date in these reforms and highlights good practices. It also provides guidance on how Argentina can better align its public sector reform with the Recommendation to achieve its vision.



Towards a conducive environment for digital and open government reforms in Argentina

This chapter links common findings of the Open Government and Digital Government Reviews and highlights results that are relevant for both digital and open government reforms in Argentina. In particular, the chapter focuses on ways that digital government tools can be conducive to open government reforms and vice versa. It examines the institutional framework for digital and open government in Argentina, stress the necessity to align overarching strategies, and highlights the benefits that innovation-driven initiatives can yield for the digital government and open government agendas.


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