Open Government in Argentina

image of Open Government in Argentina

Argentina is undertaking an ambitious reform to move beyond open government to become an “open state”. This review assesses Argentina’s progress with implementing the 10 provisions of the 2017 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. Based on extensive data gathered from all branches and levels of government, as well as civil society, this review assesses the progress made to date in these reforms and highlights good practices. It also provides guidance on how Argentina can better align its public sector reform with the Recommendation to achieve its vision.


Moving towards an open state in Argentina

This chapter discusses the growing collaboration between branches of power and levels of government in Argentina around the promotion of open government principles. It finds that open government initiatives have started to flourish across the entire Argentinian state and identifies a number of good practices from provinces that could inspire other countries. It discusses the key role of COFEMOD, includes case studies that embody the concepts of an open parliament and open justice, and explores the role of ombudsman institutions in fostering the move towards an open state. Recommendations focus – inter alia – on how a National Open Government Strategy and a National Open Government Steering Committee could complement and strengthen work being done by the branches of power and subnational governments.


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