Open Government Data Review of Poland

Unlocking the Value of Government Data

image of Open Government Data Review of Poland

This review analyses progress and challenges of open government data in the Polish national context. It is based on existing OECD methodology and formulates recommendations that aim to help Poland improve open government data efforts and achieve impacts. The recommendations take into account the departing level of the Polish context and focus on priority needs, which in the case of Poland is the establishment of an “infrastructure” to support coherent and sustainable efforts across the administration: creation of an ecosystem of related and co-operating actors, establishment of a supportive governance framework, development of the needed skills and culture among civil servants.



Executive summary

The Polish government’s ambitions for open government data (OGD) are the result of at least three concurrent dynamics over the last few years: a) political vision and leadership from the top of the Polish administration; b) opportunities and pressure arising from EU-related policy developments; and c) advocacy by civil society, encouraged by the positive advances of a few local government authorities opening up their datasets for public re-use. Despite individual steps, efforts so far have largely been sequential and benefitted little from involvement of non-government actors. This has left a vacuum in advancing an OGD agenda whose objectives and potential impacts would be shared and understood by all actors. As a result, Poland currently trails the OECD’s OURdata Index on open, useful, and re-usable government data.


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