Open Government Data in Mexico

The Way Forward

image of Open Government Data in Mexico

This report analyses the progresses made by Mexico in implementing the recommendations of the OECD 2016 Open Government Data Review. It identifies areas for further improvement and proposes a set of policy recommendations in areas such as institutional governance, strategic leadership, policy ownership, monitoring and reporting, and digital skills. The report underscores how open data policy can contribute to government priorities such as anti-corruption and social inclusion, and government’s crucial role in creating the conditions and opportunities for innovation and collaboration. It also underlines the role that actors from the private and third-sector, journalists and the academia play in ensuring policy continuity and sustainability.



Assessing the implementation of the OECD 2016 recommendations

This chapter discusses the overall status of implementation of the policy recommendations provided by the OECD Secretariat within the framework of the 2016 OECD Open Government Data Review of Mexico. It takes into consideration the state of the open government data policy as of December 2017. It draws upon the six core areas of work discussed in Chapter 1 and the additional evidence and data collected during the peer review mission that took place for the purpose of this follow-up project. It aims to inform the additional policy recommendations discussed in Chapter 3.


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