OECD Territorial Reviews: Morelos, Mexico

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Morelos, Mexico

Morelos is one of the smallest states in Mexico, and close to Mexico City. It contains a number of economic and environmental assets in its territory, but has weak productivity levels. This review looks at how Morelos is seeking to boost its economy, particularly through inclusive growth policies such as enhancing human capital and promoting innovation. It also highlights areas of untapped potential for economic growth across rural areas and the tourism and environmental sectors, and offers suggestions for how Morelos could address governance challenges.

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Fostering an integrated approach to territorial development in Morelos

This chapter examines the territorial development dimension of the state of Morelos. It provides a glance into urban policies, including spatial planning, mobility and environment, followed by rural policies, accessibility and connectivity and finally tourism and natural amenities. Each policy domain is evaluated in order to support the state government of Morelos in building on its key strengths and areas of opportunity in order to enhance the region’s economic development and well-being. This assessment draws on examples and best practices from across the OECD.


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