OECD Territorial Reviews: Córdoba, Argentina

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Córdoba, Argentina

This report examines the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, and provides recommendations for the design of a regional competitiveness strategy as well as the governance structure needed to implement it. Over the past decade, Córdoba has experienced sustained economic growth and widespread improvements in the standard of living. However, the provincial economy is at a pivotal point: it is still highly reliant on traditional manufacturing and commodities, a model that may no longer be sufficient for the future. Córdoba’s challenges and opportunities are the same as those found in many OECD regions and require a renewed development strategy, one that builds on key assets and focusses on closing crucial infrastructure gaps. Investments in skills, research, and innovation are essential to propel the province into higher-value-added segments of production chains. At the same time, Córdoba needs to shift from a sectoral approach to an integrated, activity-focused strategic plan, in which the entire territory (cities and regions) becomes a platform for innovation and fosters new economic opportunities.



Executive summary

The report assesses the regional development policy of the province of Córdoba, Argentina and suggests recommendations to boost productivity, to strengthen competitiveness and to upgrade in global value chains (GVCs). It is the result of a yearlong policy dialogue with 100+ provincial stakeholders from public, private and nonprofit sectors; a process which also provided a bridge between two provincial administrations after the 2015 elections. The resulting Action Plan seeks to support the design and implementation of robust territorial policies, building on recent positive macroeconomic and political developments such as the return of Argentina to international financial markets and the removal of some barriers to exports.


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