OECD Survey on Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions – 2024 Results

Building Trust in a Complex Policy Environment

This report presents the main findings of the second OECD cross-national Survey on Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions, carried out in late 2023. With nearly 60 000 responses, representative of the adult population in 30 OECD countries, the survey investigated how people's expectations and experiences with government influence their trust in public institutions. These experiences and expectations range from day-to-day interactions with public institutions to government decision making on complex policy issues. The report identifies some of the main drivers of trust in government and other public institutions and discusses opportunities for policy action. For the first time, the report also analyses how trust levels and drivers have evolved in the 20 OECD countries that participated in the 2021 survey and how an information environment marked by an increasing amount of polarising content and disinformation affects people’s trust in public institutions.

10 Jul 2024 158 pages English Also available in: French

https://doi.org/10.1787/9a20554b-en 9789264339200 (PDF) 9789264559011 (EPUB)

Author(s): OECD