OECD Study on the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Observatory

Strengthening the Implementation of International Standards

image of OECD Study on the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Observatory

The effective control of animal diseases and zoonoses requires co-ordinated policy action among countries. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), an intergovernmental organisation, offers a comprehensive framework increasing transparency on animal disease status, strengthening national veterinary services, and facilitating safe international trade of live animals and animal products. To achieve these objectives, OIE Members adopt a number of voluntary normative instruments, commonly referred to as OIE’s international standards. While the OIE works to support its Members in implementation, Members continue to face challenges in the use of these standards. This OECD study provides a diagnostic of the current state of play of OIE standards and of the data collection mechanisms that are (or may be) used to gather information on how they are implemented domestically. Based on this diagnostic, the OECD provides recommendations to support the OIE in establishing an Observatory to enhance the use and effectiveness of its standards.



Existing mechanisms supporting and monitoring the implementation of OIE standards

This chapter takes stock of the mechanisms that currently exist within the OIE or beyond that are used, or may be used, to gather information on the implementation of OIE standards in domestic jurisdictions. The current chapter finds 13 such mechanisms, most of which are set up by the OIE itself, and others that exist in the context of the World Trade Organisation or of the European Union for example. These mechanisms were initially set up to address specific needs, such as evaluating the quality and building domestic capacity of veterinary services, or monitoring the effects of domestic regulations on trade among others. Therefore the information they provide on the implementation of OIE standards is limited in scope and irregular in frequency. This chapter identifies the extent to which these existing mechanisms can be used to feed into the work of the OIE observatory and where further information is needed.


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