OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook 2021

image of OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook 2021

This edition of the OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook reviews developments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for government borrowing needs, funding conditions and funding strategies in the OECD area. It discusses the implications of the COVID-19 crisis on sovereign refinancing risk, and how to identify, measure and mitigate refinancing risk in light of country experiences. It then examines debt issuance trends for government securities in emerging market and developing economies in recent years, and presents novel insights on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on issuance conditions in these economies.



More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic the human and economic tolls have been extraordinary. The crisis saw economic life slow considerably, with sharp contractions in GDP across nations. Considerable countercyclical monetary and fiscal policy responses have since helped many economies to rebound, and largely avoided compounding economic and financial crises onto a global health crisis. Such ambitious interventions were necessary, but did not come without a cost. The 2021 OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook explores the impact on sovereign borrowing needs and borrowing conditions.


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