OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Mexico 2013

Review of the Mexican National Civil Protection System

image of OECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Mexico 2013

This review of Mexico's civil protection system looks at the coordination of multiple actors across the central government, public and private industries, and state and local governments for the effective management of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

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Risk assessment in the National Civil Protection System

This chapter analyses the progress that has been made since 1986 to produce reliable and scalable risk assessments for the most serious risks facing Mexico – including efforts to produce a geographic information system-based mapping of earthquake, hurricane and flood hazards with overlays of the population and infrastructure assets that are exposed to these hazards. Responsibility for risk assessment in civil protection policy planning and implementation is often spread across different bodies and levels of government. This chapter, therefore, also examines how the National Civil Protection System supports the development and use of consistent risk assessment methods to ensure comparable results across different levels of government.

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