OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Germany 2004

Consolidating Economic and Social Renewal

image of OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Germany 2004

This report argues for adjustments to regulatory governance traditions so that necessary changes can take place more quickly, at least cost to the economy and with the participation of all relevant stakeholders.

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Regulatory and Competition Issues in Key Sectors: Electricity, Gas and Pharmacies

Reform of Germany’s electricity and gas sectors needs to be set in the context of its high-level energy policy objectives, the sectors’ distinctive structural evolution, and the country’s equally distinctive framework for governance developed as part of the post-war social market economy. German energy policy promotes, with equal weight, security of supply, economic efficiency, and environmental protection. The policy mix thus includes a number of sometimes conflicting goals. A programme of rapid liberalisation, well beyond the requirements of the current EU directives aimed at creating a single internal market, has been pursued to increase efficiency. On the environmental front, Germany seeks...

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