OECD Review of Risk Management Policies Morocco

image of OECD Review of Risk Management Policies Morocco

This study analyses initiatives undertaken in Morocco to support the management of critical risks. It covers steps taken by central government and local authorities, research centres, the private sector, and civil society. It focuses particularly on questions relating to the governance of risks, co-ordination, and the engagement of key stakeholders. The analysis looks at the entire risk management cycle, including risk assessment, prevention and mitigation, emergency response and management, recovery and reconstruction. It also identifies the challenges that Morocco still needs address in order to improve the resilience of its economy and society to critical risks.

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Questionnaire results

The questionnaire presented in Appendix E has led to the development of an initial evaluation of the level of risk knowledge, awareness and preparation among the various stakeholders involved in dealing with risk, particularly ministerial departments, public institutions and entities, research institutions and universities, the private sector and civil society. Questionnaires were sent to stakeholders in April 2015, and 89 responses were received by the OECD Secretariat, including 25 from central government agencies and 58 from the regional level.

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