OECD Review of Gender Equality in Colombia

image of OECD Review of Gender Equality in Colombia

In recent decades, Colombia has pursued a strategy to encourage gender equality as an important enabler of inclusive growth and national well-being and to promote gender mainstreaming through institutions, policies and tools. This report assesses four main pillars of Colombia’s governance for gender equality, analysing strengths and identifying areas for further improvement. It examines strategic planning for gender equality policy, a whole-of-government approach to promoting gender equality policy, using government tools to achieve gender equality objectives, and an inclusive and gender-sensitive emergency preparedness framework. The report also provides examples of different approaches in OECD Member and Partner countries to closing gender equality gaps. Based on this analysis, the report proposes solutions to help Colombia strengthen gender mainstreaming and gender-sensitive policy making to promote sustainable, inclusive economic growth.


Strategic planning for gender equality policy in Colombia

In recent years, the Government of Colombia has made efforts to incorporate a medium-term, whole-of-government vision for gender equality into key strategic documents. This Chapter assesses its approach to strategic planning for gender equality policy on one hand, and how the general strategic planning considers gender dimensions on the other hand. It also considers the alignment of the objectives set forth in the National Development Plan and in the national policy on gender equality. It reviews the participation of various stakeholders in the design of gender equality objectives, as well as the framework in place for their implementation and monitoring. The Chapter also analyses strategic planning and implementation systems for gender equality at the subnational level in the departments of Huila and Boyacá. In conclusion, a series of policy recommendations is provided to address existing challenges and support the government in achieving its vision and building a results-oriented strategic plan.


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