OECD Public Management Reviews: Ireland 2008

Towards an Integrated Public Service

image of OECD Public Management Reviews: Ireland 2008

Ireland's economic success story is one that many OECD countries would like to emulate. Of the many factors linked to this success, understanding the public sector’s role is key. Integration matters. The key public service reform challenge for Ireland going forward is for the different parts of the Irish Public Service to work cohesively together, with a more integrated approach at the national and local levels.

This book provides an overview of the Irish Public Service, its fiscal and demographic context, and looks at capacity and motivation issues, improving service delivery, and strengthening governance. It also provides four case studies and a series of recommendations.

This report is the first in a series of OECD country reviews that will look at public management reform and governance issues from a comprehensive perspective. These reviews will help countries to identify how reforms can better reinforce each other in support of overall government objectives. They also examine reform strategies that have worked in other countries and provide advice as to which reforms can be appropriately adapted to a given country.



Case Study 3: Local Waste Management in the Local Government Sector

This case study reviews the regulation and provision of municipal waste management services in Ireland and assesses its implications for the Irish Public Service. The shift from public service provision by local authorities to an increased involvement of private enterprises in the waste management market raises concerns about “cherry picking” i.e. the selective servicing of the most lucrative markets, and the delivery of environmental and social public goods. It also raises concerns over the dual role of local authorities as both regulators and service providers. This case study gives a brief overview of the context of waste management in Ireland, the main policy goals, the main actors and inputs, outputs and outcomes for the public, and the planning and implementation issues that are raised.


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