OECD Public Governance Reviews: Spain 2016

Linking Reform to Results for the Country and its Regions

image of OECD Public Governance Reviews: Spain 2016

In 2014, Spain launched a set of administrative reforms called “The CORA reform” as part of broader fiscal reforms. The CORA was a comprehensive and ambitious programme to create conditions for a more transparent public administration closer to citizens and businesses. The reforms were the subject of an OECD Public Governance Review undertaken in 2014. This progress report, the first of its kind, analyses how the OECD recommendations in the 2014 review have been implemented so far at the national level. In addition, it describes how the autonomous communities Galicia and Murcia have implemented the recommendations, and discusses the challenges that remain for achieving effective co-ordination and closer collaboration between the central and the regional levels in the area of public sector reform.



Stronger accountability mechanisms for better citizen participation in Spain

This ultimate chapter reflects on the necessary macro processes which have to accompany the reforms of the Spanish public administration, especially in terms of citizen engagement, accountability and the resulting overall trust in government. It is argued that effective communication by the Spanish public administration is inevitable to counter the disenchantment with the national government, which finds itself with an unfavourable level of confidence, well below the OECD average since 2009. Consultation mechanisms, also via information and telecommunication technologies, are assessed to detect potential for further active engagement of civil society organisations, which would add to the capacity of public administrations in promoting inclusive and balanced growth in order to implement the vital reform endeavours through 2015.


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