OECD Public Governance Reviews: Paraguay

Pursuing National Development through Integrated Public Governance

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Paraguay has identified public governance reform as an important tool for achieving sustainable and inclusive growth. This review examines areas of public governance such as co-ordination across administrative silos, strengthening links between budgeting and planning, and enhancing the decentralisation process to improve development outcomes in all regions of the country. It also assesses the management of the civil service, as well as the implementation of open government strategies and initiatives to involve citizens and businesses in the policy cycle. This review provides concrete recommendations to support public governance reform in Paraguay.

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Open Government in Paraguay

This chapter assesses Paraguay’s open government strategies and initiatives within the broader context of the ongoing public sector reform agenda. It benchmarks Paraguay against OECD standards, principles and instruments, most notably the ten provisions of the 2017 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. The chapter recognises the Technical Planning Secretariat as the key actor for the co-ordination of open government strategies and initiatives in Paraguay and identifies a number of significant achievements, including the incorporation of open government principles in Paraguay’s 2030 National Development Plan, the creation of Municipal Development Councils as well as the country’s ambitious Open State agenda. The chapter also finds that there is a need to foster the institutionalisation of Open Government and guarantee the sustainability of ongoing efforts, including by reforming the National Open Government Roundtable and by improving the monitoring and evaluation of open government strategies and initiatives.

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