Finland: Working Together to Sustain Success

image of Finland: Working Together to Sustain Success

Finland’s traditional Nordic model is under pressure: A rapidly ageing society, the global economic crisis and growing societal disillusionment require the public administration to be strategically agile in order to maintain fiscal sustainability and to respond to a complex and rapidly changing environment. 

The government’s capacity to act in these difficult times will depend on the public administration’s ability to work together – across all of the public administration at the state and local level, and with society as a whole –  in order to sustain success and maintain its global position in the future.   

This report is the second in a series of OECD country reviews that look at governance and public management issues from a comprehensive perspective.  These reviews help countries to identify how reforms can better reinforce each other in support of overall government objectives.  They also examine reform strategies that have worked in other countries and provide advice as to which reforms can be appropriately adapted to a given country.



Strategic Insight

One of government’s key roles is to act on behalf of society as a whole as the steward of its patrimony, resources, and values (see Table 4.1). Towards this end, governments are expected to clearly and publicly articulate their vision and programme, to anticipate and prepare for changes, and to act in order to achieve both short- and long-term objectives. While many of these responsibilities fall on the shoulders of elected officials, the public administration plays a vital role in supporting these efforts and increasingly has its own responsibility in developing a vision for society.


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