Finland: Working Together to Sustain Success

image of Finland: Working Together to Sustain Success

Finland’s traditional Nordic model is under pressure: A rapidly ageing society, the global economic crisis and growing societal disillusionment require the public administration to be strategically agile in order to maintain fiscal sustainability and to respond to a complex and rapidly changing environment. 

The government’s capacity to act in these difficult times will depend on the public administration’s ability to work together – across all of the public administration at the state and local level, and with society as a whole –  in order to sustain success and maintain its global position in the future.   

This report is the second in a series of OECD country reviews that look at governance and public management issues from a comprehensive perspective.  These reviews help countries to identify how reforms can better reinforce each other in support of overall government objectives.  They also examine reform strategies that have worked in other countries and provide advice as to which reforms can be appropriately adapted to a given country.



Governance Arrangements

As discussed in Chapter 2, the Finnish government is facing a number of complex challenges which threaten the sustainability of the Nordic model: demographic changes due to an ageing population; increased urbanisation; higher expectations for the quality and accessibility of public services provided to citizens and businesses; globalisation; and fiscal pressures compounded by the recent global economic and financial crisis. Because a country’s public governance arrangements are a determining factor in the successful implementation of government programmes and reforms, examining these arrangements both provides the context in which the government and public administration operate and helps to identify the challenges faced by the administration in implementing the government’s agenda.


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