OECD Public Governance Reviews: Estonia and Finland

Fostering Strategic Capacity across Governments and Digital Services across Borders

image of OECD Public Governance Reviews: Estonia and Finland

This publication examines public governance arrangements in Finland and Estonia in two key areas: whole-of-government strategy steering and digital governance. This integrated review reflects the fact that the two countries face common challenges in setting and co-ordinating the implementation of whole-of-government strategies.



Prioritisation and governance of digital government strategies for public sector reform

This chapter analyses the priorities and strategies for digital government set by Estonia and Finland. It uses responses to an OECD survey and other information sources to draw conclusions about the coherence of digital government across the large public sectors in each country. Governance and leadership issues are closely related to digital government coherence and performance. The choices each government has made for government IT co-ordination are therefore compared in light of their effectiveness to address national policy priorities. This also includes a look at co-ordination with local levels of government which, especially in Finland, have important policy competencies in areas such as education and healthcare. The chapter concludes with an assessment of practices, issues and challenges for digital government prioritisation and co-ordination.


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