OECD Public Governance Reviews: Estonia and Finland

Fostering Strategic Capacity across Governments and Digital Services across Borders

image of OECD Public Governance Reviews: Estonia and Finland

This publication examines public governance arrangements in Finland and Estonia in two key areas: whole-of-government strategy steering and digital governance. This integrated review reflects the fact that the two countries face common challenges in setting and co-ordinating the implementation of whole-of-government strategies.



Assessment and recommendations

Public governance reforms are high on the policy agenda in Estonia and Finland. The first OECD Public Governance Review of Finland was carried out in 2009-10 for the public administration’s 200th anniversary. Estonia’s first Public Governance Review was carried out in 2011, after a 20-year period of rapid economic growth and successful transition post-independence, which saw the development of the full institutional set up of independent statehood. Economic integration across the two countries, and the perception of joint governance challenges, provide the framing of this integrated Public Governance Review of two countries for the first time in OECD history.


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