OECD Public Governance Reviews: Czech Republic

Towards a More Modern and Effective Public Administration

image of OECD Public Governance Reviews: Czech Republic

The OECD Public Governance Review of the Czech Republic identifies priority governance areas for reform in the Czech Republic and offers recommendations to strengthen the effectiveness, agility and responsiveness of the country’s public sector. The review first provides a snapshot on the effectiveness of the public administration and its capacity to address contemporary governance challenges, such as digitalisation and climate change. It then analyses a number of critical and priority public governance areas including citizen engagement, centre-of-government-led co-ordination and strategic planning, evidence-informed policy making in the Czech public administration, public administration at the local and regional level, human resources management in the public administration, and digital government. It also includes a case study on governance arrangements and regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The review provides recommendations for the Czech public administration to help it implement its Public Administration Reform Strategy: Client-oriented Public Administration 2030 (PAR), achieve the objectives of the PAR, and, ultimately, realise its longer-term sustainable development vision and commitments.

English Also available in: Czech

COVID-19 Case Study: Strengthening Co-ordination Mechanisms for more Efficient Crisis Management in the Czech Republic

After a brief introduction of the Czech government’s response to the health, economic and social effects of the COVID-19 crisis, this chapter examines the institutional and policy frameworks for crisis co-ordination in the central government. It then turns to the legal crisis frameworks for emergency regulations for evidence-based policymaking. The following section discusses the implementation challenges of the crisis management framework. It concludes with a series of recommendations aiming at improving the Czech Republic’s governance arrangements on crisis management.

English Also available in: Czech

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