6 Volume 6, Issue 2

Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative

- Introduction: African Experience with Budget Reform by Alta Fölscher

- Malawi: Lessons Learnt from First Reforms Lead to New Approach by Chauncy Simwaka

- Mozambique: Better Budget Machinery – First Focus of Reforms by José Sulemane

- South Africa: Transition to Democracy Offers Opportunity for Whole System Reform by Alta Fölscher and Neil Cole

- Uganda: A Decade of Budget Reform and Poverty Reduction by Florence Kuteesa, Ishmael Magona, Maris Wanyera and James Wokadala

- Aspects of the New Public Finance by Andrew R. Donaldson

- A Balancing Act: Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability and the Power of the Purse by Alta Fölscher

- Economic Reforms in Angola in the General Context of Africa by Adriano Neto and Ilda Jamba