OECD Integrity Review of the State of Mexico

Enabling a Culture of Integrity

image of OECD Integrity Review of the State of Mexico

This review analyses the Anti-corruption Policy of the State of Mexico and Municipalities, highlighting its strengths (i.e. inclusion and rigour) as well as the need to include specific integrity risks (i.e. policy capture) to make it more comprehensive. The review analyses how the State Government could develop ownership of ethical rules and values to effectively influence public officials’ behaviour. It also assesses the internal control and risk management scheme of the State of Mexico, providing an overview of its good practices and weak points. Finally, it examines the role of the administrative liability regime for state public officials and its effectiveness in ensuring accountability. It describes the legal framework for administrative responsibilities, which provides a comprehensive and solid foundation for enforcing integrity rules and standards, but requires support to improve implementation.

English Also available in: Spanish


Public integrity is an important element of good governance. It fosters trust in public institutions and supports effective public policies. Furthermore, it promotes the efficient use of public resources for the provision of services, which, in turn, helps improve standards of living. Likewise, public integrity helps make public institutions more resilient and strengthens their capacity to prevent capture. The current moment calls on governments to step up their efforts to strengthen integrity. Governments all over the world are struggling to respond to the social and economic consequences of COVID-19. Such responses will only be effective and support economic recovery if they serve their intended objectives, privilege the public interest, and are managed with integrity. The OECD stands side-by-side with Mexico and its federal states to strengthen integrity and, by so doing, promote better policies for better lives.

English Also available in: Spanish

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