OECD Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic

Delivering Effective Public Integrity Policies

image of OECD Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic

The OECD Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic provides concrete recommendations for strengthening the Slovak Republic’s Anti-Corruption Policy, in particular through identifying key corruption risk areas. It analyses integrity standards, including on conflict of interest and post-public employment, and pinpoints where to close gaps in the current legislation to reinforce a culture of integrity across the whole of government. The Review also suggests tools for strengthening engagement with businesses and citizens to understand and uphold their roles and responsibilities for integrity. Finally, the Review assesses the government decision-making process and identifies measures for improving its transparency and integrity for more accountable and equitable policies.


Delivering a strategic approach to public integrity in the Slovak Republic

This chapter considers how the Slovak Republic can bolster its strategic policy objectives on integrity and anti-corruption. In particular, it addresses channels through which strategic decision making can be achieved, such as by engaging in dialogue with civil society and private sector stakeholders and by developing and integrating anti-corruption measures at the subnational level. This chapter also highlights the need to incorporate risk-based problem analysis into the design of the strategic objectives, and considers the benefits of creating budget and monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Finally, this chapter emphasises the necessity to communicate about the anti-corruption strategy to build trust in government efforts to promote public integrity and accountability.



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