OECD Integrity Review of Nuevo León, Mexico

Sustaining Integrity Reforms

image of OECD Integrity Review of Nuevo León, Mexico

This review analyses the integrity system of Nuevo León, Mexico, as well as its efforts to build a culture of integrity in the public administration. It looks at mechanisms for providing timely advice and guidance to public officials when they are confronted with integrity-related questions and dilemmas. Furthermore, it analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the internal control and risk management framework, and the extent to which Nuevo León’s integrity reforms effectively engage citizens and the private sector. Finally, the Review provides an action plan to support these efforts, address ongoing challenges, and facilitate the creation of a sustainable public integrity system.

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Plan of Action to implement the Recommendations of the OECD Integrity Review of Nuevo León

This chapter presents an action plan for the implementation of the OECD recommendations in the areas covered by the Integrity Review of Nuevo León, namely: institutional arrangements, a strategic approach to public integrity, a culture of integrity, an open organisational culture, a whole-of-society approach to integrity, internal control and risk management. This chapter provides a list of the main activities, actions and steps to be taken for the implementation of each recommendation in the Review, and suggests which government entities are best suited to carrying them out.

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