OECD Integrity Review of Coahuila, Mexico

Restoring Trust through an Integrity System

image of OECD Integrity Review of Coahuila, Mexico

This report provides recommendations to leverage the full potential of Coahuila’s Local Anti-corruption System by identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the state’s integrity system, analyses efforts made to build a culture of integrity in the state public administration, as well as the extent to which Coahuila’s internal control and transparency mechanisms enable effective accountability. Furthermore, the Review focuses on an activity prone to corruption, public procurement. In particular, the report emphasises the risk of implementation gaps, which will need to be addressed to result in real impact for the economy and society. If effective, Coahuila’s Local Anti-corruption System has the potential to substantially transform the anti-corruption architecture of the State Government.

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After developing one of the most advanced transparency frameworks among Mexican states, Coahuila now has an historic opportunity to move beyond transparency to set up a comprehensive and coherent integrity system. In July 2017, the Mexican state of Coahuila adopted a reform to create an Anti-corruption System, modelled on Mexico’s National Anti-corruption System. The System will be crucial for providing a sustainable response to local risks of corruption and for driving the state’s sustained economic growth towards inclusiveness and social cohesion.

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