OECD Integrity Review of Argentina

Achieving Systemic and Sustained Change

image of OECD Integrity Review of Argentina

The OECD Integrity Review of Argentina assesses recent efforts to transform Argentina’s integrity framework from isolated initiatives into a  coherent whole-of-society integrity system. The Review presents concrete actions for developing an integrity strategy to sustain current reforms. The Review also provides insights into how to operationalise a risk management approach to corruption and upgrade the internal audit function within government. Finally, the Review assesses the government decision-making process and provides options for increasing its transparency and integrity for more accountable and equitable policies.

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Towards a coherent and co-ordinated public integrity system in Argentina

This chapter analyses Argentina’s current institutional arrangements related to integrity policies. In particular, it calls for implementing the Public Ethics Law in all branches, and proposes to strengthen the policy dialogue between the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. A Federal Council for Integrity could promote, within the constitutional mandates, the development of integrity systems in the Provinces that are coherent with the national level while adapted to subnational realities. Furthermore, a strategic approach towards a National Integrity System in the executive branch could be encouraged through enhanced co-ordination between key actors. In addition, dedicated integrity contact points in each public entity could mainstream integrity policies throughout the national public administration. A National Integrity Strategy could provide both the strategic goals of the integrity system and allow an operationalisation at organisational levels. Finally, the chapter presents measures to strengthen the Anti-corruption Office, and in particular its preventive function and role as policy advisor.

English Also available in: Spanish

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