OECD Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation

image of OECD Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation

This publication provides countries with a Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation, an overview of evaluation practices in OECD countries and concrete examples. It also reports key findings of three expert papers on the evaluation of regulatory policy that informed the development of the Framework.



Practices in regulatory policy evaluation across the OECD

This chapter presents an overview of publicly available indicators and reports in OECD countries to evaluate regulatory policy in four areas: the evaluation of the functioning of systems for RIA, of ex post evaluation systems, of administrative simplification programmes and of consultation practices. The information is based on an OECD survey that was carried out between 2012 and 2013 to provide countries with concrete examples of country practices to inform the design of their own evaluation system. The chapter also provides examples of evaluations of the impact of regulations on the real economy. Finally, it presents findings on the role of audit offices in regulatory policy evaluation.


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