Northern Ireland (United Kingdom): Implementing Joined-up Governance for a Common Purpose

image of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom): Implementing Joined-up Governance for a Common Purpose

Northern Ireland is currently undertaking public administration reforms organised around three main objectives: improving strategic approaches, improving operational delivery of services to citizens and businesses, and improving engagement with people. This review supports those reforms by providing an assessment and recommendations on a wide range of issues, including strategy-setting and co-ordination, strategic government-wide human resources management, open government, regulatory reform and digital government. It highlights areas where Northern Ireland possesses strengths upon which to build future reforms and suggests actions for the future. This is the first Public Governance Review to be conducted by the OECD at the subnational level.



Improving engagement with people in Northern Ireland

This chapter discusses the theme of improving engagement with people as the second of Northern Ireland’s thematic priorities for this Public Governance Review. This chapter notes that citizen engagement is an important contributor to policy and programme development and to their successful implementation. This chapter finds that a number of tools exist to support citizen engagement practice in Northern Ireland, but that these tools need to move beyond traditional public consultation processes to include new approaches such as social media and innovation labs.


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