Navigating beyond COVID-19

Recovery in the MENA Region

image of Navigating beyond COVID-19

Navigating beyond COVID-19: Recovery in the MENA Region reflects on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on MENA countries and the potential changes it may bring to their reform agendas. It addresses not only the ongoing effects of the crisis, but also examines long-term consequences and identifies emerging new trends. The analysis was completed shortly before the start of Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine, when signs that recovery was already faltering were observed across the world economy. Since then, global growth prospects have been further affected by the war. Still, the policy recommendations to build long-term resilience in MENA countries have not changed. On the contrary, they are all the more pertinent, as many of the challenges ahead come from structural factors. However, realistic strategies will depend on fiscal affordability.

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Social affairs

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the dramatic consequences of having weak health and social protection systems as well as fragile supply chains of fundamental goods, notably food, when severe crises hit. This chapter highlights how existing weaknesses in MENA countries can increase the risk for crisis-induced poverty for many vulnerable groups, in particular informal workers, women and youth. It discusses policy solutions – including the promotion of a digital eco-system – to implement a growth model where decent jobs and career opportunities for all become the norm in MENA countries’ labour markets.

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