National Schools of Government

Building Civil Service Capacity

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National schools of government operate in a context of rapidly changing needs and expectations for governments, citizens and civil servants. Drawing on a 2014 survey, the report reviews how schools of government are adapting to address countries’ most pressing political and economic challenges. It analyses best practices, and includes recommendations on designing and implementing whole-of-government and organisation-specific civil service learning and development strategies. The report suggests ways to align learning programmes with the priorities of national governments, to enhance innovative techniques in the delivery and content of learning, and to ensure their stable and adequate funding.



Executive summary

In the wake of global crisis, public administrations around the world struggle to find equilibrium between fiscal austerity and citizens’ expectations about how to address current and emerging challenges, such as the migration crisis, climate change and ageing populations. Governments also need to adapt their political and managerial agendas to the pace of technology and innovation, growing budgetary pressures, and civil society’s increasing demand for public and media scrutiny of decision making, spending and performance. Achieving such change – and stimulating inclusive economic growth and social well-being – requires an efficient and resilient civil service able to make strategic choices and be armed with fit-for-purpose skills.


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