National Risk Assessments

A Cross Country Perspective

image of National Risk Assessments

This report provides a synthetic view of national risk assessments (NRAs) in twenty OECD Member countries. NRA are used to support risk management decisions in a rapidly changing global risk landscape characterized by increasingly complex, interconnected societies and highly mobile people, information and goods. The report highlights good governance practices in establishing NRAs and how the results are used to inform public policy. It identifies challenges that OECD Member countries continue to confront in their efforts to implement NRA, and makes concrete recommendations where improvements could still be made.



Slovak Republic

In respect to Slovak Republic, the main purpose of the National Risk Assessment is to improve preparedness and resilience in the local municipalities and to fill the gaps in their capability and capacity to respond to emergencies. The NRA will also create a better understanding of the prevailing threats in their areas. The full standard risk assessment process is scheduled for completion in 2020. The plan includes a risk matrix and a comprehensive joined up national database. The Slovak Republic Government has a very open approach to both transparency and accountability. The lead is taken by the Crisis Management Department with a well-developed cross cutting approach to accountability. A detailed risk register is made widely available to all stakeholders to improve business continuity, community resilience and risk awareness. In addition this overall risk assessment process is reinforced by legislation. The target by 2020 is a well-developed risk matrix and the consolidation of the NRA process.


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