National Risk Assessments

A Cross Country Perspective

image of National Risk Assessments

This report provides a synthetic view of national risk assessments (NRAs) in twenty OECD Member countries. NRA are used to support risk management decisions in a rapidly changing global risk landscape characterized by increasingly complex, interconnected societies and highly mobile people, information and goods. The report highlights good governance practices in establishing NRAs and how the results are used to inform public policy. It identifies challenges that OECD Member countries continue to confront in their efforts to implement NRA, and makes concrete recommendations where improvements could still be made.




This chapter on Korea reflects information gathered from an OECD workshop held in Seoul on a National Risk Assessment Process. The information was updated following the Sewol Ferry accident in 2014 and the subsequent re-structuring of Korea’s crisis management system. Since 2016, Korea has been developing relevant institutional framework to introduce NRA and preparing risk analysis tools, such as risk assessment techniques for implementing the scenario-based NRA and scenario-based disaster models. The chapter also provides a brief outline of the National Disaster Management System (NDMS,) which is an information management support system used to manage crisis preparedness and response in Korea. There is substantial effort to communicate information on risk and the warning of potential disasters to the public, which support some of the same operational purposes as National Risk Assessments.


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