National Risk Assessments

A Cross Country Perspective

image of National Risk Assessments

This report provides a synthetic view of national risk assessments (NRAs) in twenty OECD Member countries. NRA are used to support risk management decisions in a rapidly changing global risk landscape characterized by increasingly complex, interconnected societies and highly mobile people, information and goods. The report highlights good governance practices in establishing NRAs and how the results are used to inform public policy. It identifies challenges that OECD Member countries continue to confront in their efforts to implement NRA, and makes concrete recommendations where improvements could still be made.




When disruptive events occur that could have a significant impact on the population and the national economy, governments have the primary responsibility for managing them. Citizens expect governments to manage the impacts of extreme events whether they come from natural disasters, terrorist attacks, industrial accidents or disease outbreaks. How can governments invest their finite resources most efficiently to mitigate the effects of these events? Since not all hazards and threats can be prevented, important trade-offs need to be made in preparing for different types of disaster risks.


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