National Risk Assessments

A Cross Country Perspective

image of National Risk Assessments

This report provides a synthetic view of national risk assessments (NRAs) in twenty OECD Member countries. NRA are used to support risk management decisions in a rapidly changing global risk landscape characterized by increasingly complex, interconnected societies and highly mobile people, information and goods. The report highlights good governance practices in establishing NRAs and how the results are used to inform public policy. It identifies challenges that OECD Member countries continue to confront in their efforts to implement NRA, and makes concrete recommendations where improvements could still be made.




Austria’s National Risk Assessment or as the Austrian Government has called it, the National Risk and Threat Assessment (NaTRAn) was developed as a result of a new national security strategy introduced in July 2013 which replaced the 2001 Security and Defence Doctrine. This chapter discusses the background of this new initiative based on a new risk management approach which relies on strategic planning and a common methodology for analysing the risks across a number of areas. An important element of the strategy discussed is the dual function of the strategy being able to meet the demands of both national and international requirements. This includes the various EU Directives and programmes and deadlines for implementation of critical infrastructure and cyber response requirements. The chapter also discusses the approach that Austria has taken in respect to governance and the participation by the multiplicity of stakeholder in the different levels of government and those with horizontal cross-cutting responsibilities in the risk assessment process.


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