Modernising Staffing and Court Management Practices in Ireland

Towards a More Responsive and Resilient Justice System

image of Modernising Staffing and Court Management Practices in Ireland

Ireland has launched an ambitious strategy to build a more inclusive, efficient and sustainable justice sector. Irish citizens recognise these efforts: Ireland is one of the OECD countries with a higher percentage of citizens trusting their government and courts, according to the recent OECD Survey on the Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions. This study aims to support these efforts by analysing the judicial workforce and relevant support structures and processes currently employed by the Irish courts. In particular, the study seeks to contribute to the deliberations of the Irish Judicial Planning Working Group, which was established to identify reform initiatives and evaluate staffing needs to enhance the efficient administration of justice over the next five years.


Assessment and Recommendations

This Chapter outlines the main take aways of the OECD assessment and summarises key policy recommendations aimed at supporting ongoing efforts in the country to ensure effective planning of the judicial workforce and to strengthen the overall performance of courts. OECD recommendations have been designed to support Ireland’s justice actors in leveraging the experience of other OECD countries and relevant international standards to achieve their strategic objectives.


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