Mobilising Evidence at the Centre of Government in Lithuania

Strengthening Decision Making and Policy Evaluation for Long-term Development

image of Mobilising Evidence at the Centre of Government in Lithuania

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for high-quality data and evidence to address complex policy challenges. This report takes stock of the capacity for evidence-informed decision making (EIDM) and policy evaluation at the centre of government in Lithuania. Like many other OECD countries, Lithuania faces challenges in supplying quality evidence and ensuring that it is used for decision making. In light of recent reforms, the report analyses gaps in the EIDM system and offers a set of comprehensive recommendations to address them in the short, medium and long terms. It also discusses how the newly created Strategic Analysis Centre could champion evidence-informed decision making in Lithuania.


The role of STRATA in the evidence-informed decision-making system

This chapter examines the recent institutional transformation of the Government Strategic Analysis Centre (STRATA). It presents its new mandates in the area of strategic foresight, monitoring and evaluation as stipulated by the law of strategic governance. This chapter suggests that STRATA should focus its participation in the monitoring of planning documents to analytical support and focus on being an excellence centre for evaluations. Moreover, the chapter provides an assessment of the role that is entrusted in STRATA in promoting the quality of RIAs and ex post evaluations of regulations. Finally, it analyses the Centre’s recent organisational changes and discusses, in particular, the importance of the board of STRATA. The report suggests to continue building on STRATA’s recent transformation and proposes ways to foster trust, accountability and legitimacy as concerns STRATA’s operations and outputs.


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