Misuse of E-Commerce for Trade in Counterfeits

image of Misuse of E-Commerce for Trade in Counterfeits

Networks of illicit trade in counterfeits use many modern solutions, including e-commerce, a tool that offers numerous advantages for consumers and businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated both illicit trade and its misuse of the online environment. This report uses a tailored, statistical methodology to assess the misuse of e-commerce for trade in counterfeit goods. It also presents key government actions and industry initiatives to counter this risk.


Trade in fakes and e-commerce: Focus on the EU

This chapter presents a deep-dive view of the online trade in counterfeit goods based on EU data. Seizure data provided by the enforcement authorities in the EU indicates if a seizure referred to a good that was ordered online. Such information permits carrying out a detailed assessment of types of fake products ordered on-line, specific transport modes abused and the provenance economies of these goods to the EU.


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