Mexico's e-Procurement System

Redesigning CompraNet through Stakeholder Engagement

image of Mexico's e-Procurement System

This review of the Mexican Federal e-Procurement system, CompraNet, assesses the system’s ability to ensure that public procurement in Mexico is efficient, effective, transparent and accountable. It measures CompraNet’s scope, functionality and use against global trends in e-procurement in order to guide its future development. The report includes input from key stakeholder groups such as contracting authorities, suppliers and civil society. It also identifies the supporting mechanisms such as legislation, policy, training, and infrastructure, that are required for the system to be successful.

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Foreword and Acknowledgements

Public procurement is a key economic activity for governments and how it is carried out has a major impact on how taxpayers’ money is used to deliver public services. In Mexico, expenditure on public procurement is equal to roughly USD 111.5 billion per year, accounting for 21% of the government’s expenditure in 2015. As the public sector is a critical driver of productivity in the economy, the impact of public expenditure on the national interest goes beyond delivering public services. Governments generate productivity through the amount they spend, but also by developing and supporting the environment that creates the right conditions for firms to invest and innovate, and for societies to thrive.

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