Mexico's e-Procurement System

Redesigning CompraNet through Stakeholder Engagement

image of Mexico's e-Procurement System

This review of the Mexican Federal e-Procurement system, CompraNet, assesses the system’s ability to ensure that public procurement in Mexico is efficient, effective, transparent and accountable. It measures CompraNet’s scope, functionality and use against global trends in e-procurement in order to guide its future development. The report includes input from key stakeholder groups such as contracting authorities, suppliers and civil society. It also identifies the supporting mechanisms such as legislation, policy, training, and infrastructure, that are required for the system to be successful.

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A multi-stakeholder review of the effectiveness of Mexico's CompraNet system

By gaining the input and perspective of key stakeholders, the project to reform the Mexican e-procurement system has benefited from the broad experience of contracting authorities, supplier groups and civil society. The CompraNet system has gradually developed into an effective tool to facilitate the federal government’s engagement with the private sector. However, this third-generation reform presents an opportunity to develop a long-term vision for the system, and to ensure that future developments are in line with global trends. This chapter provides the context for the reform project, and describes how the engagement approach has been designed to ensure that the system upgrade will address stakeholders’ concerns.

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