Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

An Overview of 13 Sectors

image of Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

This report summarises the results of the joint project of the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Government and the OECD on measuring and reducing administrative burdens in 13 key sectors of the Greek economy.



Reducing administrative burdens in Greece: Assessment and recommendations

Regulations and formalities are important tools used by governments to provide services and to carry out public policies in many areas. Administrative burdens have tended to grow in number and complexity, as governments need more information to implement their policies and target their regulations and instruments on more specific issues and populations. The growing use of formalities has become a major problem, known as “red tape” or administrative burdens. Formalities increase costs and multiply barriers for businesses through the time and money needed for compliance. This can, in addition, reduce regulatory certainty, a key parameter for businesses.


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