Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

An Overview of 13 Sectors

image of Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

This report summarises the results of the joint project of the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Government and the OECD on measuring and reducing administrative burdens in 13 key sectors of the Greek economy.



Preface by HE Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Over the past four years, the Greek people have shown an enormous degree of determination and perseverance as they have had to weather the consequences of an unprecedented financial crisis. Fiscal stabilization has involved considerable sacrifice especially by those most vulnerable economically in society. Thankfully, these sacrifices were not made in vein. Greece has made incredible progress lately, reflected not only in OECD and World Bank indicators, but also in the fact that a primary surplus for the 2013 budget is a reality for the first time since 1948.


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