Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

An Overview of 13 Sectors

image of Measurement and Reduction of Administrative Burdens in Greece

This report summarises the results of the joint project of the Greek Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Government and the OECD on measuring and reducing administrative burdens in 13 key sectors of the Greek economy.



Administrative burdens in 13 key Greek sectors: Results and recommendations

As is illustrated by the data, over three-quarters of the administrative burdens measured accrue in three of the priority areas: Tax (VAT), Company Law and Annual Accounts, and Public Procurement. This implies that efforts in these policy areas will yield the biggest reductions in administrative burdens in total, and therefore should be prioritised. This is not to imply that important regulatory savings which will be keenly felt by individual businesses cannot be generated in the other 10 priority areas, given that they still account for just under a quarter of the administrative burdens measured.


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