Making Water Reform Happen in Mexico

image of Making Water Reform Happen in Mexico

The report provides evidence-based assessment and policy recommendations in support of Mexico’s water reform. It analyses implementation bottlenecks and identifies good practices in four key areas considered as essential drivers for change in the water sector of Mexico: multi-level and river basin governance; economic efficiency and financial sustainability; and regulatory functions for water supply and sanitation.

This report is the result of a one-year policy dialogue between the OECD and Mexico, after the adoption of the 2030 Water Agenda as a strategic and long-term vision for Mexico’s water sector.

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Addressing multi-level governance challenges

This chapter assesses key multi-level governance gaps identified in Mexico’s water sector and good practices for better managing interdependencies across multiple actors to make water reform happen on the ground. It draws an institutional mapping of who does what in water policy design, regulation and financing, provides particular emphasis on challenges related to institutional and territorial fragmentation, and suggests areas for improvement based on good practices across levels of government as well as in other OECD and non-OECD countries.

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