Making Life Easy for Citizens and Businesses in Portugal

Administrative Simplification and e-Government

image of Making Life Easy for Citizens and Businesses in Portugal
Reducing the time for registering a company from weeks and months to under one hour is a concrete result of a unique and ambitious initiative in Portugal to make the public sector more efficient and effective. The Simplex initiative aims at making life easier for citizens and businesses. It focuses on how e-government can be used as a lever for broader administrative simplification, making service delivery more coherent and efficient.

This is the first integrated study undertaken by the OECD to analyse administrative simplification and e-government in a national context. By bringing those two areas together in the context of public management reform, this review helps countries identify how these reform activities can best support overall government performance and economic growth.

English Also available in: Portuguese

Country Profile and Context

Portuguese society is facing a number of challenges similar to those in many other OECD countries: adjusting to the forces of globalisation in order to further benefit from its integration in the world economy; ageing population; a public sector facing increasing demand for quality service delivery while becoming more cost-efficient under tight budget restraints; and challenges in developing and spreading a new set of values to the overall public sector to ensure the transformation of an administrative culture which needs to become more dynamic and attentive to public needs and demands. The Portuguese government has recognised these challenges and has prioritised to improve the overall performance of the public sector for the greater benefit of society, and to become a more competitive economy in the global market. As a consequence, Portugal has asked the OECD for a peer review of administrative simplification and e-government as part of its continued effort to simplify the Portuguese public sector.


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