Mobile Technologies for Responsive Governments and Connected Societies

image of M-Government

This report aims to foster a better understanding on how to leverage the economic and social impacts of the implementation of the Internet into mobile devices to enable ubiquitous governments, sustain public sector innovation and transform public service delivery. The content of this report paves the way for the Report on Agile Government to be released by OECD in the Fall of 2011. The report is a joint-product of the collaboration of OECD with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

English Also available in: Korean

M-Vision and a call for action

As citizens across the world increasingly turn to mobile technology as their main source for news, information and connecting with others, m-government is expected to continuously expand. Governments understandably want to reach out to citizens in innovative ways in order to streamline administrative processes, facilitate accessibility and improve the quality of services in a number of areas such as finance, banking, weather emergencies and citizen engagement. The checklist in this chapter provides a preliminary guide to orient governments and help them improve their understanding on how to translate the new trends in the m-government field into a valuable tool to improve their performance, both internally and vis-a-vis the interaction with citizens and businesses.


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