Lobbyists, Governments and Public Trust, Volume 2

Promoting Integrity through Self-regulation

image of Lobbyists, Governments and Public Trust, Volume 2

This second volume of OECD's study on lobbying examines regulation and self-regulation of lobbying. It includes chapters defining and examining lobbying, describing the role of professional lobbying associations, exploring various codes of conduct and examining specific codes in various countries, examining lobbyists' attitudes toward regulation and self-regulation, and exploring various options for enhancing transparency and accountability.



Executive Summary

Undue influence-peddling – in which special interests may exercise too much sway over public policy for self-serving purposes – may merely be a problem of perception, or a more serious problem in reality, for a democratic society. A democratic government requires legitimacy to function properly, and legitimacy comes from the trust and support of its citizenry. Any widespread perception of undue influence-peddling in government tears at the very fabric of that legitimacy.


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