Life-Cycle Costing in Public Procurement in Hungary

Stocktaking of Good Practices

image of Life-Cycle Costing in Public Procurement in Hungary

This report provides Hungary with key recommendations and policy options to establish comprehensive and user-friendly methodologies and tools for the greater uptake of life-cycle costing (LCC) methodology in public procurement. The report introduces the concept of LCC and its links to the wider sustainable public procurement agenda, and maps the current practices in Hungary and existing LCC tools in other EU and OECD countries, with a view of drawing insights to promote the development and uptake of LCC tools.


State-of-the-art in adopting life-cycle costing in Hungary

This chapter discusses the Hungarian policy and strategic framework on public procurement and its adequacy for the strategic use of public procurement and life-cycle costing (LCC). It also looks at the actions and initiatives to promote sustainable public procurement in Hungary and the existing operational support in implementing GPP. This chapter also analyses the uptake of green public procurement and LCC in the practice, building on the results of the survey conducted by the OECD on the use of LCC by contracting authorities in Hungary, identifying the key barriers for a greater uptake of LCC.


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