OECD Journal: Competition Law and Policy

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This journal draws on the best of the recent work done for and by the OECD Committee on Competition Law and Policy. Its articles provide insight into the thinking a competition law enforcers, and focus on the practical application of competition law and policy. Here’s what Robert Pitofsky, Chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission said about this new journal when it was launched: “Global competition is the wave of the future, and comparative analysis of the laws and practices of various members of the worldwide community of nations is a necessary corollary. This new OECD Journal of Competition Law and Policy, compiled from OECD Round Table discussions, summaries of recent developments, and articles on topics of special interest, will introduce regulators, practitioners, and scholars to different regulatory approaches around the world and will allow us to consider in a more informed way the strengths and weaknesses of our own systems.”

Now published as part of the OECD Journal package.

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Land Use Restrictions as Barriers to Entry

The OECD Competition Committee debated competitive effects of land use restrictions in February 2008. Land use restrictions often serve valuable social purposes. The benefits of particular policies for land use must be balanced against the costs, though. The social harms that can arise when land use restrictions create “entry barriers” are rarely considered explicitly. Land use restrictions can raise the price and reduce supply of a broad range of real estate and, by preventing new and innovative stores from opening, reduce shopping options available to consumers. More careful integration of policy on land use restrictions with competition policy could benefit consumers and many entrepreneurs and reduce the likelihood that public or private restrictions will lead to supply scarcity. This roundtable examines competition problems affecting commercial construction and use permits, geographic density tests, adverse impact tests, access condition to rights of ay and private restrictions on land use. Steps are identified for improving public policies towards land use restrictions.


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