Kazakhstan: Review of the Central Administration

image of Kazakhstan: Review of the Central Administration

This review examines the functioning, structure and organisation of the central government and line ministries in Kazakhstan, as well as their capacities to implement national objectives and priorities, outlined in the Kazakhstan’s Vision 2050. It also focuses on tools, strategic management and accountability frameworks in the Government of Kazakhstan, in line with the strategic management principles outlined in the General Approaches to Modernization of Public Administration of Kazakhstan by 2020.


Service co-ordination boards

Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) is one of the major international trends in public sector reform, and a key element in improving government services to citizens and businesses.1 Governments around the world such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, the USA, Singapore, Portugal and Brazil have all created one-stop service agencies and one-stop service centres to provide integrated public sector services either across entire governments. In some cases, such as Malaysia and Canada, integrated “one-stop” service delivery is also being provided across levels of government.


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